Leg3 Sec Hayai 14/9, Globe40

Goodmorning to you all!

All is good on Sec Hayai! We have had an easy night and a busy morning.
Last night was just beautiful with A2 up combined with full main, flat seas, full moon, 14-18 knots. Easy sailing (and sleeping haha!)!
The only somewhat tense moment was when 1 of our remotes decided it was time to go into MOB-mode without warning. We were just in time at the helm and shutting down the autopilot. It took us a while to remove the remote from the system, it was totally blocked. But we solved it and it gave us some work during the night. Else it would really have been too easy.. HAHAHA!

This morning the front past us with the beginning of the next phase of getting south, the passing of the high ridge trying to get a ride with a passing low below that.
This will be on our minds for the next 48 hrs or so.
AS the front past us the sea become quite bumpy and the wind changed within just several minutes 90 degrees to SW and increased to 26 knots quickly.
We had to remove the A2 quickly and took a reef and went down to J2 for a couple of hrs. Now in the middle of the front the wind has decreased again to 10-12 knots, with a lot of clouds surrounding us. Typical front weather.
Now back to J1 and full main and trying to get the most speed out of it.

That’s it for now. Hope you all have a good day!
Frans and Ysbrand


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