Leg8 daily check-up round, Globe40


Yesterday we had a full day of work as we discovered a bad working back-up autopilot.

We often make check-up rounds, to see if our back-up systems are working, and in this case, it was clearly not!

Happily the main system is working just fine,

After checking, it appears that the rudder sensor was broken. We have a new one with us, but replacing it, working behind a moving rudder bar, in a space of about half a meter high,  is not the best place you want to be, let alone get there.

But Frans took on the job, assisted by Ysbrand.

We managed to change the thing and partly renew the electrical cable on the go and the back up system is running properly again!

Meantime we had a nice day of sailing,  in the morning we had some squalls where we took some advantage off, making good gains on Amhas

In the afternoon they did the same us and came back to 7 miles behind us.  

During the night (which was beautiful again)  with stable winds, we were sailing a litte bit faster with our a3 and created some proper distance again 😊.

So, for now al is good,  weather is not so bad at the moment,  7 – 10 kts of wind and TWA between 70-80degrees, boat speeds between 7-8 kts.

Heading north east, and that’s the direction we want to go !

Frans & Ysbrand



This last day was a day of endless ocean, starting and beginning nowhere or somewhere. 

The wind was low to nothing and seeking wind was the only thing we could do. At the beginning of the evening, some wind picked up and we could finally make some speed again.

Amhas staying close within 10 miles, as a twin brother making the same manoeuvres.

As night fell, the same situation continued as it still is.

On board our 2nd autopilot ram still has some issues, that we do not seem to be able to solve. Well I trust our main ram, that is working just fine, without strange sounds or hick-ups.

Nevertheless it would be nice to have a full working back-up system. At least we know the computer is working just fine, so that’s a good back-up in itself. Only the ram.. brand new and never used… maybe that’s the problem…

Kind regards,

Frans & Ysbrand



Goodmorning to you all!

Today is the first day the temperature is really going down! We are now at 24 degrees. Still nice, but a lot lower then the 30-plus from the last week.

So we are finally leaving the caraibic area!

All is well on Sec Hayai. We had a nice sail with our A3, J2 and full main. About half way the night we had to go upwind and changed to J1 and we are sailing the angle since that moment.

Now we are waiting for the wind to die out and turn to NE, E and completing the full turn to the right until we are sailing downwind again. WE expect this to be happening in the next 18-24 hrs. So basically 1 tack  and changing gear inside and sails is our task and work for the upcoming day.

Wind is now from the north between 10 and 16 knots. The sky is much more grey, so no blue sunny sky anymore!

We had a lot of visitors last night, as several fish found there way on our deck and cockpit. The flying fish came in HARD! Really loud bangs and flapping. Usually, the impact on the boat killed them already, before we could swing them back overboard.
They were quite large and smelly, so I did not make a picture.. haha!

Kind regards,

Frans & Ysbrand

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