Leg3 Upwind, Globe40

Another 4 days of upwind.

Upwind has been the main keyword on this leg. And mostly in heavy winds. Now again. For the next minimum of 12 hrs upwind. Currently having 16-24 knots where any of the models say only a maximum of 15. As waves begin to build, the pounding begins as well.
Ah, we sort of recognize it and we know the feeling.
We just keep into our watch system a bit more strict. 4 on – 4 off. You try to sleep or relax when you are not on watch.
As the weather is also grey, raining and completely cloudy, being outside is not a treat as well.
Adjust to that the fact that the winds changes and shifts every few minutes, and we have to adjust course and often also sails, going quickly out, adjust and come back in, before a wave hits you. In the mean time 1 eye at the numbers, are we on 55 TWA? Are we still doing 8,3 or above? Are we within 10 degrees of our desired course?
This paints pretty much the picture we are living in now, and we will stay in that picture until the finish as it seems.
Next milestone is Cape Reinga… Still a little over 300 miles to go…
Sailing under J1 and 1 reef or full main.

And Milai; together match racing till the finish line?

Frans & Ysbrand


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